Clear Your Path

Joe Anselmo with Turning Point Real EstateArticle By Joe Anselmo, Co-Owner and CEO of Turning Point Real Estate
Joe Anselmo, Co-Owner & CEO of Turning Point Real Estate

Imagine this…you leave your driveway and set out to your destination, you have a choice of one of two routes, which both will arrive at the same time. Choice number one, a road strewn with all sorts of unthinkable junk and debris that will cause serious damage to you and your vehicle while offering a unpleasant, distracting view. Or route number two, where you could drive on a smooth, newly surfaced road winding through a beautifully scenic area?

Which would you choose?

Of course, you’d take the nicer road. However, our path to success is the road we choose everyday to get us from where we are, to where we want to go. Yet many people drive on junked up roads everyday!

Now, think about it for a moment. If you’re home is wreck, your desk is disorganized and cluttered, your inbox and voicemail has hundreds of old messages that still need dealing with, and you have garbage running through your mind, you are destined to crash and burn!

I am blessed with a great staff. Teri, our administrator and I have worked together for probably 15 years. Among her many great qualities, Teri is very efficient. She writes our employee handbook and recently updated it. Understanding the relationship between a clean workspace and productivity, she has a “clean desk” policy for all employees, which require them to clear their desks before they leave each evening (as a disclosure, I was called into Teri’s office last week about my violation of this particular policy and was written up)!

But seriously, there are some easy, most ironical, and most difficult things we can incorporate into our daily habits to achieve success in both our personal and business lives.

* First the four D’s rule. Delay it, Delegate it, Dump it or Do it! Never pick up another task or piece of paper without following this rule. Try to avoid “Delay”.

* Clean your desk every night before you leave. Throw away 90% of the paper that you’ve been shuffling around day after day, its trash. How many times have you moved locations and booked up your desk to find the same box years later with paperwork you obviously don’t need.

* Make sure your inbox is empty every day. Create a folder for each prospect and drag every email into its folder. You have a delete button and a trash bin…use them. Tip: Sort your emails by “From”, it’s easier to clean out your inbox.

* Return all voicemails daily. All business calls should be returned promptly. If you cannot always do so, have your message indicate so by saying something like “I return all my business calls between 4pm and 6pm daily.” By the way, I hate it when I ask someone to “call” me and they text me instead; if I wanted a text, I would have sent a text.

* Make a daily task list. Getting it out of your head and on a piece of paper works wonders. It is one less thing occupying your thoughts. Next time your brain is working overtime and you can’t sleep, don’t fight it. Get up, empty your head on paper and you’ll be able to get back to sleep.

Make a commitment to do the above and your Path to Success may not be perfect, but the ride will be a lot smoother.

Make it your best week. Joe

Turning Point Real Estate is proud to announce our newest member Karen Curtis Sorensen.

Karen Sorensen Joins Turning Point Real Estate Karen, a long-time Residential Sales Associate with over 20 years of experience in Maryland, joins Turning Point Real Estate in our Residential Sales Division. Born and raised in Frederick, she is familiar with Frederick and the surrounding areas. In addition to real estate sales, she also has experience in property management and rentals.

On a personal note, Karen has two children and enjoys travel, reading, the arts, and sports.

Karen we are so glad to have you on board!