Resolve to Resolve . . .

Joe AnselmoArticle By Joe Anselmo, Co-Owner and CEO of Turning Point Real Estate

Only a few days left in 2010 before we make our New Year’s resolutions. I suspect that given the challenges faced over the last several years, many are looking forward to saying good-bye to 2010 and looking forward to starting fresh in 2011. Although we really don’t need to wait until a certain date like the New Year to make new resolutions, it’s a great reminder, tradition, and ideal time to establish your yearly goals.

This year, I’d like to give you something to think about while mulling over the changes you would like to make, whether it’s to do more of something like living an overall healthier lifestyle, or less of something not good for you but you do it anyway (smoking, overindulgence of food or alcohol, etc).

This year, Resolve to resolve… let me explain by using the analogy of taking a journey. After all, life is a journey, one that should be planned and enjoyed.

You are given a task. You need to pack for the journey into 2011 but all you can take is a carry-on. Don’t worry, you’re not going on Spirit Airlines so you won’t need to pay for your carry on luggage. Now, given the size of your luggage, you’ll need to decide what you want to take on your journey. What would you put in your suitcase that would help you on your journey and what would will you leave behind that wouldn’t weigh you down and rob you of your energy?

In other words, no excess baggage! I know you can picture this, we’ve all been to the airport and have seen some weary traveler schlepping all their stuff through the entire process…from the car, to the bus, to the terminal, through check-in yada, yada, yada. It slows them down, weighs them down and wears them out. And in reality, most of it is unnecessary, but it makes the journey difficult! Now picture this, once they get to their gate, they plop down on a chair with a sigh of relief now free of all their stuff that was impeding their journey.

Well, if you think about it, metaphorically speaking, we often do the same thing with our life. We drag around all kinds of unnecessary and heavy excess emotional baggage. This steals our ability to travel light, be comfortable and quite frankly, enjoy the trip. But more importantly, we must understand that energy used by something negative, is energy that could be used by something positive. And many people wonder why they just can’t seem to get anywhere in life.

So this year, give yourself the greatest gift you can receive; resolve to resolve those issues that make up your emotional baggage. Forgive and forget. Let go and let God, turn the other cheek. Learn tolerance and how to accept the things that are beyond your control.

One final task, on New Year’s Eve, start a roaring fire in the fireplace, get a good glass of your favorite beverage, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and thoughtfully write down your emotional baggage on a piece of paper. Then crumple it up and throw it in the fireplace, and make a toast to yourself, “To a great 2011 free of things that hold me back and full of all the goodness life has to offer”.

Happy New Year. Make it your best ever. Joe

This year, your journey will be much easier and fantastic!

TPRE is Proud to Announce our Newest Member – Christine “Chris” Reiser

Christine Resier with Turning Point Real EstateWe are very pleased to be adding yet another sales professional to our office. Christine, who is a customer-service oriented and experienced sales associate, brings to TPRE knowledge in new home construction, farms, and historical properties. Like many of our agents, Chris is eager to earn advanced professional designations as well as gain knowledge of technology, and how it can be put to use in today’s real estate industry.

Chris is a proud mother of three and enjoys hobbies like surfing, kayaking and sewing. Chris we are so glad to have you on board!

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