TPRE Introduces our Newest Sales Associate

Jeff Cosgrove with Turning Point Real Estate TPRE is proud to announce our newest member Jeff Cosgrove.

Jeff, has been licensed since 1989 he has proven over the years that he is a top producer in real estate and is licensed in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. He joins TPRE with the ambition to extend his business into Commercial Real Estate.
On a personal note, Jeff has two young children and resides in Maryland. Jeff we are so glad to have you on board!

Phone 240 436 6191 | Cell 301 639 7181


Joe Anselmoby Joe Anselmo, Co-Owner & CEO of Turning Point Real Estate.

When times get tough, as they are for so many of us, it’s easy to spend more time then we’d like to admit, thinking about our difficulties and challenges then being grateful for all that all we have. When this happens to me, I remind myself that how truly lucky I really am even despite my temporary circumstances,

My father was a wonderful man that never really had a lot in terms of material wealth, and for the last nearly 30 years of his life struggled daily with health issues. Dad was kind of quiet, but still I don’t recall a time when he ever complained or spoke of his problems. On the other hand, he often talked about all the things he was blessed with and how grateful he was for them.

So this week, I was going to write about gratitude but instead, thought that the following video is much more profound than anything I could possible write. It is a terrific way to start the new week.

If you find it as inspirational as I did, please share it with someone.

Click Here to Watch the Video

Take Your Docs to the Clouds with SkyDrive

Melissa Kinna with Turning Point Real Estate Melissa Kinna
Director of Creative Marketing & Technology
with Turning Point Real Estate

As we all know real estate agents do not work on just one computer or out of just one office, they are constantly “on-the-go”, which means so are their documents – whether it be laptops, files, and/or phones. Whichever the way, it is still like carrying your office with you in order to do what you need to from wherever you are. And even though you do this, how often have I heard, “I have the wrong file”, or “I am missing an addendum”. So what if there was a way you could keep all of your files in one place, a place that you can access at anytime no matter where you are? Well there is and the best part about it – It is free. Welcome to Windows Live SkyDrive, a cloud based online file storage solution from Microsoft which offers 25GB free space.

SkyDrive is a useful web service that allows you to store your files online and access them from anywhere and another benefit is that you also can share documents with others. Also, it is not difficult to use. I have seen other similar products, but they do not compare in that they have page after page of steps to follow. SkyDrive, is simple to you can easily set up your folders and add your files and if you already have a Windows Live Account set up all you have to do is go to the SkyDrive tab and begin adding your documents, folders, or videos.

Because SkyDrive is so simple and it provides you with an “all access pass” to your documents no matter where you are I am sure SkyDrive will become such a valuable “Tech Tool” for you and your business once you begin to use it. So let’s get you started, go to and sign up for your free account, once in your account you are ready to go. Set up folders, add your files, and share your folders with links. And there is more, since the storage available to you is so large you may even want to consider using SkyDrive for backing up your files and photos.

So, now that I have introduced you to SkyDrive – take some time and check it out, place your docs in the clouds where you can access, share, and create from anywhere.

TPRE Commercial Training Sessions a Success

Charlie Seymour, Turning Point Real EstateOver the last few weeks Charlie Seymour, Co-Owner & President of Turning Point Real Estate, has held Commercial Training Sessions for our TPRE agents and other guest – the result has been very successful. The agents are pleased with the trainings as Charlie shares new knowledge, tools and insights of the Commercial Real Estate Industry. If you are interested in joining a Commercial Training Session, please contact Susan Sheldon @ for information on available sessions.

When the Phone Rings . . . Why are we not Always Eager to Answer?

Barbara Maloney at Turning Point Real Estate
by Barbara Maloney,
Director of Residential Sales & Recruiting of Turning Point Real Estate.

Over the last nine years of managing real estate offices, I have received hundreds of calls from clients or customers telling me that they have tried to reach an agent, have left a message, and they still cannot get anyone to call them back. So it makes me speculate, why are we not eager to answer the phone?

As real estate agents, our clients and customers are the livelihood of our business, so why do so many of us leave them out to dry, so to speak. Are we too busy, do we feel our expertise would be put to better use to someone else, or do we avoid experiences that might take us out of our comfort zone?

Whatever your answer, it may be time to realize that phone calls from the public and fellow agents are significant to our business. Without those calls, we will fall short of what we were hired to do – meet the needs of Buyers and Sellers, and we possibly ruin our reputation in the process. Let’s put it into perspective, we constantly post our cell numbers everywhere in hopes of someone calling us, yet too often when a prospect does call . . . we ignore it. Is it our intention to just appear to be available?

I would encourage you to break the bad habit of not answering your phones and create new, beneficial habits that will put you back on the track of building a successful real estate business based on communication and meeting the needs of Buyers and Sellers.

If you, in one way or another, associate with this article you don’t want to miss this video link below – There is a lesson to be learned. Enjoy!

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