Dress the Part

Joe Anselmo by Joe Anselmo,
Co-Owner & CEO of Turning Point Real Estate.

A few days ago, one of my partners Aric and I were driving back from an appointment when the conversation turned to how people dress. Not in a critical way, but just commenting, that how we dressed each day sort of set the tone for that day. In other words, we both agreed that if we dressed more casually, our mindset shifted to one that assumed we would have a casual day.

It seems that recently, there has been a lot an awful lot of advice about getting back to basics. I think there’s real merit in that advice, but an important and overlooked basic is something we’ve all heard before…“dress for success”.

I realize that in general our world has become far more causal (too casual in certain circumstances), and client’s attitudes have changed. I’m also not knocking those who dress down once in a while, but agree or disagree, people still judge you on your appearance. This doesn’t mean you need to wear a suit daily, but you should always appear professional.

However, I want to get back to my conversation with Aric. The real issue became less about what the public perceived, but more about how we perceive ourselves. In other words, our Self Image. Have you every said this (I have)… “I apologized for the way I dressed today; I wasn’t expecting to meet any clients.” That’s actually as ironic as it is funny. In a business where our careers live or die based on meeting clients, it seems counterintuitive to not expect to meet clients, new or existing.

There are lots of other good reasons to dress professionally like making a good impression on your clients/customers, projecting a professional image of your company and yourself, and doing your part to raise the public perception of our industry, but most important is how it makes you feel. It starts your day off with the attitude “I look good, I feel good and I’m going to have a great, productive day.” Of course that attitude is apparent in how you carry yourself and your demeanor which ultimately becomes a reality.

You might have given this subject little thought, but increasing your awareness about the connection between how we dress and our overall success will make a huge difference in your results.

So give it a try…you might be surprised by how easily and quickly you feel a shift in your business…and life.

Tweet, Post, Poke – How Do We Find the Time To Do it All?

As real estate professionals you realize the importance to dive into social media, however when do you find the time? Many of you have probably dipped your toes into social media outlets, but then realized the time it takes and hopped right back out. I am sure we can all agree that social media is time consuming, but you also know how important it is for your business in today’s market place. So what do you do? Do you pick one platform and let the others fall by the wayside? The answer to that is, NO. It is very important to get out there as much as you can, in as many social media platforms you can, and here is one way you can do just that.

So what is this great tool that is going to make your social media nightmare into a dream come true? It is , a social media dashboard that allows you to post on multiple platforms simultaneously. That is right, it is just that simple. Not to say that from time to time you should sit down and give a little more attention to your blog, or dive into a discussion or two on Facebook, but your daily or weekly entries can be done in just a couple clicks.

So how do you get started, go to www.hootsuite.com and set up your free account. From there you are able to add your social media platforms like, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Linked In; then go onto your dashboard to create your post and send. Other benefits you will find with HootSuite is the ability to track your campaign results and the phone apps available for iPhone and Android.

I think after you take advantage of HootSuite you will also agree that you too can maintain your social media platforms with ease, and think about the time you will save.

This Article by Melissa Kinna, Director of Creative Marketing & Technology with Turning Point Real Estate.

Have you checked out – Qik? A way to stream live video through your phone.

Some of you may have read my article on “Your Monday MOJO”, but for those of you that missed it I thought I would share it today. Enjoy.

Technology can be quite amazing at times, you never know what new app or tool you might come across. This week I am going to let you in on a little secret called Qik. This app is not just something you would use in real estate, but an app for family & friends. With qik you have the ability to stream live video through your phone with the click of a button.

So you’re wondering, What can you do with qik. It is simple, say you have “Mr. & Mrs. Buyer” that would like to see a property, however, their busy schedules do not allow a time that both of them can meet you at the home – no worries, with qik. Now you have the capability to record the showing and have it viewed live over the web with your own private link. Not only that, but you can view the link at anytime. Buyers having a hard time remembering what they liked the most about a property, record the showing and send them the link to the video, it doesn’t get much easier than this. Do you want to relay to the Listing Agent exactly what the Home Inspector said during the inspection, record it with qik and send the video link to the listing agent along with your addendum.

If you want to find out more on How qik can work for you, go to www.qik.com, see if your phone is compatible, set up your free account, and download the app right to your phone. And the rest is up to you.

This Article by Melissa Kinna, Director of Creative Marketing & Technology with Turning Point Real Estate.